I need a confidante
I don’t know how to be an adult.

Seriously, I often have no idea how I am actually 25 years old. I have no idea what the hell I am doing most of the time, and I feel like I have gotten dumber as I get older. I feel like I used to be so driven, so sharp, so focused. Now I often feel just a few steps removed from pulling a Howard Hughes.

Maybe I am having a nervous breakdown. I probably need to see a therapist.

Sometimes I think I’m Howard Hughes Reincarnated…

Not really, but I do often think I would be perfectly content to become a hermit and stay in my apartment foreva.

The theatre company I helped found has officially fully launched our website, and announced our first show, and kicked off our indiegogo. Be a doll and check it out/contribute if you can. Spread the word! I am super jazzed about this!

I quit my job.

And I ain’t got a new one yet.

I feel so much better. I prob won’t have that heart attack at 30 now.

Especially if I quit eating bacon 3x a day. HA! Small joke.

Wait, why am I not eating bacon 3x a day?

And this is the part


where I freak the hell out about quitting my full-time money making job with no definite prospects for a new job/jobs. what am I thinking? Aside from that I hate my job and want to make art and shit.  shit.

a Few Things

1. A man fell through the ceiling at work on Friday.

2. I have no idea why Gangnam Style is popular.

3. Why is it stylish to look like an idiot these days? Or am I just old? I honestly have a hard time not laughing out loud sometimes.

4. I forget #4.

Bender, have your way with me.

So much good. Get out, bad.

I am directing a show (that’s a hot mess on the management’s side of things). But hey, I’m freakin’ directing my first show since college. I got called in to audition for a role that looks fantastic, for a company I’d be stoked to work for. I have to learn an accent for said audition. My top secret uber-project is coming along. There’s still so, so, so much work to be done, but progress is being made, and really, that’s what it’s about. i am applying for other directing gigs.

Still truckin’ along and trying to find a new jorb. I’m looking into something I’d really love and crossing my fingers for the best.  I need this negativity to get out of my life.

Oh, and I forgot about Cary Elwes circa Princess Bride. Him too.

Be still my heart. Lord, I love Zack Morris. The only blond man who’s ever turned my head.

Be still my heart. Lord, I love Zack Morris. The only blond man who’s ever turned my head.


Let me just say (because I feel weird posting on FB since my family members are on it). “Polyamory” on Showtime….what? I always feel like I need to be a lot drunker to understand what’s going on. 

PS: What happened to that one couple in the Quad’s kid?  Did they just give him up for adoption or something when they invited their lovahhrrs to move in?